Mongoose 98 student rocket

The NAROM student rocket is a Mongoose 98 rocket—about 2.7 meters long and with a body mostly made of carbon fiber. Not counting the motor itself, it can be divided into three parts: the booster tube with fins, the payload tubes (which includes the aviation tube and the nose cone) and the avionics plate where all the electronics is mounted.

The Mongoose 98 is a commercially available rocket, but the version used for the student rocket course is customized to fit the needs of the students.

Figure 1: The Mongoose 98 rocket assembly. In the front is the glass fiber nose cone, followed by the carbon fiber avionics tube, the aluminium avionics plate and the carbon fiber booster tube with three fins in the rear.

A Fusion 360 model can be explored interactively here.

These are the most import parameters and dimensions of the rocket:

  • Total length: 2708 mm
  • Total width of body: 102.8 mm
  • Total dry weight (excluding motor casing, but including 1.3 kg payload): 5.454 kg
  • Motor: Pro98 15227N2501-P from Cesaroni Technology Inc

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This article is a part of a pre-course program used by NAROM in different courses, for example Fly a Rocket!