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Fly a Rocket


Fly a Rocket!’ is a pilot Hands-on Space Projects’ opportunity offered in the framework of the ESA Academy programme for university students. It is being offered in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education (NAROM), Andøya Space Center (ASC) and the Norwegian Space Centre (Norsk Romsenter).

The course is aimed at younger university students who may not necessarily be studying aerospace engineering or science. It is designed to show that careers in the space sector do not necessarily require a detailed technical or mathematical background. To this end, ESA is happy to entertain applications from people studying, for example, education, media, and management, as well as the traditional maths, physics, and engineering subjects.

"Fly a Rocket!" complements ESA’s existing Education programmes by targeting students who may be too old to enter the secondary school CanSat competitions and yet who are not old enough or technically skilled enough to apply for higher level student projects such as the Rocket & Balloon experiments for university students (REXUS/BEXUS). 

The students, supported by the Andoya Space Center staff, NAROM, and ESA, will be involved at all stages of the launch campaign, from assembling the rocket payload and the rocket itself, to calibrating the communications equipment and running the operations tower during the actual liftoff.

Successful applicants will have all costs (i.e. travel, accommodation, participation in the campaign) covered by the organisers. Travel costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the ESA Education sponsorship criteria.

ESA har allready chosen the participants, so this registration is only for the chosen one.


The event is done in cooperation with ESA.

Key Info

  • Target group: Students
  • Location: Andøya Space Center
  • First day of the event: 27.03, 2017
  • Last day of the event: 31.03, 2017
  • Last day of enrollment: 28.02, 2017