The Nordic CanSat Competition 2018 Winners

During the second week in April, 2018, five teams met at Andøya Space Center to compete in the Nordic CanSat Competition 2018. Also, a winner from each of the Nordic would be offered a spot in the European competition, which will be held in the Azores, Portugal from 27th June to 1st July.

Satellite competition for students at secondary school level

Nordic ESERO invites secondary schools from Finland, Norway and Sweden to participate in an exciting teaching program that includes building and launch of a «soft drink can satellite». The competition is open for students at secondary schools, where the teacher has participated in a CanSat teacher training program in advance.

First time for Sweden to participate

There have been Finnish, Danish (no longer a part of Nordic ESERO, see and Norwegian teams over the years, but this year was the first time a team from Sweden joined in the competition at Andøya Space Center.

The five teams (those with a link points to their own team blog):

  1. Sorundakosmonauterna from Sweden
  2. Jam-N-Can from Finland
  3. Skylark from Finland
  4. Plastic Fantastic from Norway
  5. Exolife from Norway

We have talked with each the five participating teams in this years competition, see the video below:

Okay, to the results:

The winner of the Nordic CanSat Competition 2018 is: Team Skylark from Finland. Congratulations! 🙂

There are as mentioned teams from three different countries, which means that one team from each of them will be offered a spot in the European Competition which will be in Portugal this summer. The teams that was offered a spot are from Finland: Team Skylark, from Norway: Plastic Fantastic and from Sweden: Sorundakosmonauterna.

How can you get involved next year?

There is a page over at where you can read more about the Nordic Competition. At the bottom of that page, there is a contact form which you can choose to register for next years competition.

If you are a teacher and if this is something you want to use in your class, please contact us to help you find a teacher training course. If you are a student and want to be involved in this, ask your teacher to contact us.

Foto: Norsk Romsenter

Foto: Norsk Romsenter

Foto: Norsk Romsenter

Foto: Norsk Romsenter

Utstyret som brukes for å sende opp satelittene (Foto: NAROM)

En satelitt blir lagt inn i en drone som skal fly den opp (Foto: NAROM)

Droneflyving pågår (Foto: NAROM)

En satelitt på vei opp med drone (Foto: NAROM)

Utstyret som brukes for å sende opp satelittene (Foto: NAROM)

Hver av satelittene ble hentet med furehjuling (Foto: NAROM)

The winner team: Skylark from Finland (Foto: NAROM)

All teams (Foto: NAROM)