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Nordic ESERO - Exploring The Universe - Tenerife

  • Teide Observatory - Remote Telescopes. Credit: Elena Mora
  • Teide Observatory - ESA Telescope. Credit: StarryEarth
  • Teide Observatory. Credit: Ronny Siegel
  • Teide Observatory - IAC80 telescope. Credit: Aitor Bereciartua
  • Teide observatory. Credit: IAC
  • Nordic Optical Telescope. Credit: Paul Anthony Wilson
  • Little dumbbell nebula with IAC80. Credit: Daniel Lopez


Key Info

  • Location
  • First day of the event
    30.10, 2019
  • Last day of the event
    04.11, 2019
  • Last day of enrollment
    23.04, 2019

From thousands and thousands of years we have wondered about the night sky. Our questions, wishes, fears, religions, and science have all emerged below the stars. The Universe has always been the main driving force awaking our curiosity, and still is. Welcome to this course, a unique possibility to open the Universe to your classroom.

Join teachers from different Nordic countries and explore several practical activities ready to be implemented in your classroom, at your school. Examine how to use astronomy as tool in your daily teaching.

This time, you have a unique chance. This year the course will be complemented with a 5 days gathering in one of the best observatories of the world, Teide Observatory, located in the Canary Islands. Teide Observatory is part of the European Northern Observatory. Norway, Sweden and Finland are members of this institution since 1986, contributing with the largest optical telescope of the Nordic countries: the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT). NOT and IAC80 (see pictures above) are examples of telescopes we will use during the gathering. Let’s explore our solar system, stars, galaxies, indication of other planets beyond the solar system from these professional telescopes, and visit state of art experiments guided by experts. In addition, we will learn how to use remote telescope to achieve observations from your local classroom. This is a journey that will merge astronomy, didactics, active learning, and a fantastic gathering in a unique astronomical place.

This course is primarily meant for secondary school teachers, but can also be relevant for teachers in lower grades. Watch this video by an earlier participant who is a primary school teacher:

About the course

  • Target group: Secondary Teachers
  • Starting up: 4th September, 2019 with one online assignment (must be finished before field trip)
  • Field trip to Tenerife
    • First day of the event:30th October, 2019
    • Last day of the event:4th November, 2019
  • Final assignment deadline 10th December, 2019
  • Application deadline: 23rd April, 2019
  • Teaching language: English

The course information as well as the teaching will be in english, but the assigments can be written in either Swedish, Norwegian or English. The final assignment will consists in developing a educational program for using astronomy in your own classroom.

If this is of interest, and you want to be inspired, apply by using the Registration button below. When you have applied, please write us a "letter of intention", saying a little about yourself and why you would like to participate in this course; and send it to within a week after you have applied.

Participant must pay for their own travel to/from the field course. Nordic ESERO will cover 50% of the ticket’s expenses (max 2000 NOK) after the final home assignment has been passed. Meals and accommodation are covered by Nordic ESERO.

The course will have a maximum of 20 participants, and requires a minimum of 15 to run it. After finishing the course, each participant will receive a diploma specifying the subjects and activities covered and hours spent for the whole course.



The event is done in cooperation with ESA og Nordic ESERO.