World Class Space Education

NAROM provides different activities, seminars and conferences related to space technology, space physics, atmosphere, astrophysics, climate and environment. Within the scope of high technology and breath-taking northern scenery, the combination of theory and practical work provides a unique learning experience.

Rocket Launch (Foto: NAROM)

Using space in Education

Every year, a large number of pupils, students and teachers get knowledge and experiences from participating in different kinds of space educational activities at NAROM. NAROM’s collocation with the only operational space center in Norway: Andøya Space Center provides some unique opportunities for hands on-space education activities. A close interaction with scientists from both Norway and abroad contribute to make activities and lectures both instructive and inspiring for the participants.

Student rocket campaigns

NAROM carries out a number of rocket courses every year for pupils, students and teachers, where participants are split into smaller groups to do practical and theoretical work in a real sounding rocket campaign. The groups do simulation of rocket trajectory, set up telemetry transmitter and receiver systems, build the rocket payload and assemble the rocket. Participants are then stationed at various stations at the space center to take an active part in the rocket launch and analyzing the data retrieved.

Spaceship Aurora – a teaching and adventure center

Spaceship Aurora opened in April 2014 and every year, exciting educational activities are conducted to students and teachers in this learning- and visitor centre. At Spaceship Aurora you attend a virtual tour into space led by a Mission Commander. In addition, visitors/participants see films, do experiments, launch rockets and experience how daily life is at a space center. Read more at

Nordic European Space Education Resource Office (Nordic ESERO)

Nordic ESERO ( is an educational office established by European Space Agency (ESA) and run by NAROM. Teachers from the nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Finland are offered
continuing professional development and postgraduate studies, focused on using space in classrooms. Read more at

Andøya Space Center

NAROM is collocated with Andøya Space Center in Oksebåsen approximately 5 km outside the town of Andenes. In addition to launching rockets and releasing scientific balloons, different ground instruments are used in the exploration of the near space. Read more at Read more about other activites at Andøya.

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