Fly a rocket from the arctic!

Fly a Rocket! is an ESA educational program in collaboration with NAROM and the Norwegian Space Agency. The programme consists of three elements; initial distance learning and training, a student rocket campaign taking place at Andøya Space Center and NAROM, followed by a technical report.

Do you want to fly a real rocket?

The programme is open to all European students, with a target audience of 1st and 2nd year bachelor students studying, but not limited to, engineering, physics, mathematics or other technical subjects. It is also a hands-on activity for University students, which offers opportunities for young undergraduates, who have not necessarily defined their career, and may not have considered space research and engineering as an option. The programme, specifically the campaign week, aims to take students through a full sounding rocket life cycle, from design and development to launch operations and results analysis, albeit in a very condensed timescale.

For university students interested in space

ESA is calling on first and second year university students with an interest in space to put themselves forward for a unique project to ‘Fly a Rocket!’.

ESA’s Education office is looking for up to 24 students to participate in an online course about rocketry. Following the completion of the course, the students will have the amazing opportunity to take part in a full launch campaign at Andøya Space Center in Northern Norway, and launch a rocket.