CaNoRock and CaNoSat

The Canada-Norway Student Sounding Rocket (CaNoRock) exchange program is a partnership between the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Saskatchewan, the University of Oslo, University of Tromsø, Andøya Space Center and NAROM (Norwegian Center for Space Related Education) in Norway. The University of Bergen and University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) in Norway are currently working to be included in the program.

To further enhance the educational benefits and cooperation between students in the two countries a student satellite program – CaNoSat will be developed to run in parallel and coordinated with the sounding rocket activities.


As a follow-up to the 2008 Transatlantic Science Week at the Canadian Museum of Civiliza-tion in Ottawa, Canada, two workshops were organized in March 2009. The first was held in Saskatoon and the second in Calgary. During those workshops representatives from the Cana-dian universities of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Calgary, the Norwegian universities of Oslo and Tromsø and Andøya Space Center, former Andøya Rocket Range agreed on outlining a proposed 10 year student sounding rocket program with the intermediate name – CaNoRock. Norway and Canada share many of the same challenges in space exploration. Both countries are members of ESA, and both countries have recently recognized that more capacity in space instrumentation must be built, even to merely maintain their current activity level.  Student rocket activities serve as a magnet to attract students to space related education.

The main parts of the proposed program comprise annual student sounding rockets from Andøya Space Center in Norway and a smaller number of scientific sounding rockets. The scientific rockets will provide research opportunities for active scientists and post-graduate students from Canada, Norway and other countries. All of the rockets will provide training for students from these countries in campaign preparations, launch criteria decisions, payload integration and data analysis. The proposed program will include university studies in physics, engineering and electronics as well as “hands on” instrument development, payload building and sounding rocket launches.


The following universities and institutions are presently partners in the CaNoRock program:


CaNoRock and the proposed CaNoSat program are aimed to serve as a basis for a 10 year bilateral student sounding rocket and satellite program between Canada and Norway. Here it is vital to motivate students to join space activities and acquire enhanced knowledge in physics, engineering and electronics for sounding rockets, CubeSat’s and stratospheric balloons.

The program may also include working with other scientific platforms such as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) currently being developed at ASC. The universities of Oslo, Alberta, Calgary and Saskatchewan have common research interests in atmospheric, auroral and magnetospheric physics. Each institution specializes in different experiment types, and in collaboration we can produce even more advanced scientific rocket and satellite payloads.

CaNoRock and CaNoSat Launch Plan