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Nordic ESERO - CanSat for nordiske lærere - Andøya Space Center


Key Info

  • Location
    Andøya Space
  • First day of the event
    14.09, 2017
  • Last day of the event
    15.09, 2017
  • Last day of enrollment
    31.08, 2017

The Norwegian Center for Space Related Education (NAROM), collaborates with NTNU's resource centre for STEM-education, the University in Aalborg and the European Space Agency ESA to arrange courses for Secondary School students and teachers.

CanSat is a learning project that is relatively inexpensive for schools to adopt, one can choose how much you want to make out of it and how much time you want to spend. It gives students the opportunity to take responsibility for a project, set up a budget, create mechanical and electronic solutions for the CanSat and to program the electronics.

A CanSat is a small satellite module (probe) containing electronic sensors, power supply, data processing unit and communications system like in a real satellite. The CanSat can be released from a rocket, balloon or drone, and fall back to the ground in an attached parachute sending data to a computer on the ground.

The central parts of the CanSat are a sensor shield and an Arduino microprocessor that secondary school students relatively easy can learn to programme to realise their project ideas. The challenge for the group of students is to stay within limits on cost, time use, weight and not least volume as the CanSat has to fit into the size of a usual 0,33l soda can.

CanSat has become an internationally successful concept offering secondary school students to do an exciting and educational "space project" and to create increased interest in science and technology.

Course Objective:

To give Nordic teachers in secondary school a general introduction to space technology and to give the teachers practical experience with electronics and sensor techniques when building a CanSat with electronic sensors for data logging and radio transmission to a ground station.

In the case of course participants from the Finnish-speaking part of Finland, the course language will be English.


The CanSat course is a part of the Nordic ESERO project and is free for participants from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Accommodation at Andøya Space Center and local transportation to and from Andenes Airport/Andøya Space Center will be arranged and covered by Nordic ESERO.


There will be a maximum of 24 teachers on this course, open for registration until 31st August 2017.

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